Welcome to the Geospatial Analytics Starter Application - now featuring Hangout Detection!

The starter application is powered by NodeJS (version v4.6.2) on the linux platform.


The purpose of the starter application is to provide example code showing how a NodeJS application can utilize the Geospatial Analytics service. Please review the application code that you downloaded.

The starter application gets its device information from a demo MQTT message broker which generates simulated data. The generated data is for a set of devices near Las Vegas, NV.

Application Flow

The starter application performs a series of steps that use the Geospatial Analytics service. The table below lists the tasks the application is performing and the status of each step.

1Extract the environment information required to use the Geospatial Analytics REST API. Completed
2Start the Geospatial Analytics service, connecting it to an MQTT demo server. Completed
3Create four geographic regions for the service to monitor. Completed
4Process events generated when devices enter and exit the region. Processing Events
5Stop the Geospatial Analytics service after events are processed. Pending


To see where devices are with respect to the monitored regions, use the geo-starter Visualizer.

The visualizer displays the geographic regions defined in the starter application. It also displays the current location of each device as reported in the message stream from the MQTT demo server.

Event List

The table below lists the device-location events that have been detected by the Geospatial Analytics service and published back to MQTT.

NumberTimeDevice IDRegion ID TypeDevice LocationTriggering Message